HSC Visual Art Resources

A resource site for visual art teachers and secondary students completing their HSC in the Visual Arts


HSC Visual Art Resources is a site for Visual Art teachers and secondary students completing their HSC in the Visual Arts. This site explores contemporary artists working across a wide array of media that have been categorised according to the expressive forms or mediums that the artist explores. Both teachers and students can access information on the artist’s artworks and Artmaking and Practice, as each artist is explored within a case study format. HSC Visual Art Resources also explores how these artists can then be researched and explored in relation to The Conceptual Framework and The Frames. Accompanying the text are relevant images of artworks with full citations as well as further links to useful websites and resources.

HSC Visual Art Resources’ aim is to become a data base of relevant artists explored as case studies for both teachers and students. Teachers can access new contemporary artists in which to add to their own programs and course content, whilst students can access this information as inspiration for their own artmaking (particularly in reference to their HSC Body of Work, BOW’s) as well as for their theoretical studies of art criticism and art history.


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